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I've Lost 38 Lbs and 39 Inches! - Busy Mom Jen Ray tells how...

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"To date, I’ve lost 38 lbs and 39 inches and I am an energetic mommy of 3 babies! I still can hardly believe that this is really MY story!

Congratulations Fawn - 48 lbs lost in 6 months!

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Congratulations Fawn - You look amazing!

Shawne Didn't Think She Would Take AdvoCare....

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Until...Marci! With purpose and a decided heart Marci consistently coached her friend. The first thing Marci did was point to what AdvoCare could do, then she invited Shawne to a mixer where she could see it worked for others. Then Marci put her on a 3-way which lead to getting on products. Read Shawne's story.... true success! 

Check out this AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Result!


Congratulations Charles!

Disgust + AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge = New You!


In February 2012, at 19 years old, I came to realize that I was overweight, tired, and sick of people making fun of me. I was too embarrassed to go out on the lake with my friends because I hated taking my shirt off. I found AdvoCare through a friend at school who lost 24 pounds on his 24 day challenge. I tried many other weight loss products and they never worked for me, so I figured why not give AdvoCare a try?

College Student gets energy, leans up the healthy AdvoCare way!

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College life can throw some challenges to even a healthy student! Lack of sleep, stress, late night snacks, difficult schedules and peer pressure can create a monster in the form of "YIKES WHAT HAPPENED ME!" Here is a great story of a young lady who found AdvoCare products to give her the healthy advantage that she needs to stay focused and on top of her game! Kylie started with the CLEANSE and lost 6 lbs, she found that the chewable Corplex, Catalyst and Post Work Out Shakes are a perfect combination to keep her full of energy, toned and helps her focus on academics and running!

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