What do I eat during the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge?

Posted by Wendy Schwab on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 08:03 AM

Good Day All!

This is a GREAT QUESTION! And one I get a lot!

Remember that what you eat impacts how you feel and what you look like. Food is our body's fuel so the quality certainly effects the performance right?

Instead of talking about "what CAN'T I eat", lets focus a minute on "what CAN I eat". 

The term Eating Clean is tossed around alot - to me it means eating food in its least proessed form. Such as whole potatoes instead of instant, grilled chicken breast instead of nuggets, Fruit and vegetables fresh or frozen instead of canned in sugar syrup. These are just examples but I bet you get the point.

Now if you take into account all the wonderful foods you can eat, you won't worry about being hungry!

So now let's talk about those foods that sabatage your weight lose goals and don't work to fuel your body for peak performance. Avoid over processed foods, deep fried foods, processed sugary foods. Before you throw a towel at this blog, think how you can "redo the things you love". Like dessert! I love sweets too! Get creative with your diet and you will not miss the things you once thought were good, in fact fresh will taste better. 

Download this handy guide for grocery shopping to help you learn to be creative with the foods that are good for you and a few tips for eating out.

Remember.... AdvoCare is NOT a DIET, It's a Lifestyle. 

Lead Strong,

Wendy Schwab

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