$20,000.00 AdvoCare Bonuses earned every period. Want some?

Posted by Wendy Schwab on Mon, Jun 3, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

A Leadership tip from Marci Praklet to New Advisors! 


Hi Team!
Since some of you are new I wanted to make sure you were aware of the $20,000.00 AdvoCare  bonuses that can be earned your first year of building your AdvoCare Business starting when you reach Advisor Status. Who wants to be next? Let us walk along side of you and let's make this happen together!
See the Rookie bonus earners below. This could be you!
As my mentor says, "Lead Strong",
Marci Praklet

AdvoCare Rookie Bonus Program

$20,000 in Rookie Bonuses to as many as seven 
Distributors every pay period! These Distributors 
earn cash bonuses in as little as a few weeks. 
Hear more about this exciting program!

You could be one of them! 

“That first Rookie Bonus four years ago changed everything for my wife Angela and me! It helped us get out of the hole we were in. I challenge you to think about 2013 and what an extra $1,000 could do for you and your family. You could be next!”

Jason Pannell, TN

Congratulations to these Rookie Bonus earners for the pay period ending 5/21/13
Earner #1        
Name:   Michelle Davis   $6,000 Bonus
Volume: $22,862.45
Occupation:   Personal Trainer  
Pin Level:   Gold  
State:   OH    
Advisor Date:   02/20/13    
Earner #2    
Name:   Jose Juarbe
Occupation:   Fire Marshall
Pin Level:   Silver
State:   GA
Advisor Date:   03/06/13
$4,000 Bonus
Earner #3    
Name:   Victor & Nicole Voinovich
Occupation:   Wrestling Coach and Gym Owners/Trainers
Pin Level:   Silver
State:   OH
Advisor Date:   03/20/13
$3,000 Bonus
Earner #4    
Name:   Beth & Kevin Madill
Occupation:   Teacher and Firefighter
Pin Level:   Silver
State:   WA
Advisor Date:   04/03/13
$2,500 Bonus
Earner #5    
Name:   Kelsey Ready
Occupation:   Restaurant Manager
Pin Level:   Advisor
State:   TX
Advisor Date:   05/08/13
$2,000 Bonus
Earner #6    
Name:   John Romero
Occupation:   Addictions Counselor & Athletic Club Owner
Pin Level:   Advisor
State:   CO
Advisor Date:   04/17/13
$1,500 Bonus
Earner #7    
Name:   Christopher Bellon
Occupation:   Sports Performance Coach
Pin Level:   Advisor
State:   NY
Advisor Date:   04/17/13
$1,000 Bonus  Volume: $11,556.91

Call your team leader....let's make it happen for you!

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